State of the Art



Sate of the Art ~ World Ski & Snowboard Festival

Don't miss Alex Guiry's photography at Skull Candy's State of the Art event at the World Ski and Snowboard Festival in Whistler, BC. His work along with many other local artists' will be on display from April 11 - 20, 2014.

Alex Guiry Of all the things during my travels, yoga would become the point of reference that would help anchor my soul and bring my creative side out of the shadows. Now I have this little Buddha in me, but six feet under I have this attraction to a dark dangerous past, of sex, adrenaline, that’s sunk in booze. I walk these lines at all times, and people have a tough time reading between the two. I have always been a widely misunderstood person but photography has become my platform to not be stood under, but understood. My current state of photography rests in expressing my subject’s story- Their struggle, feats, and fruitful realities. That conversation you have when we weave our doubts and dreams into favorable scenes. 

My name is Alex Guiry, and I’m a lifestyle photographer & writer from Vancouver. My work revolves around surfing, camping, travelling, & fashion- with undertones of pain, mental health, addiction, Zen philosophy, sex & culture. I do my best to pass emotion on, stir conventional views, and leave people affected while staying true to myself, then the people I work with.


Instagram: @alexguiry